A story about true friendship that even lasts facing the apocalypse……
…… Or the true story about the Flight of Icarus.

NyxQuest tells the lovely story about a little winged girl, living in her palace high above the skies. Her friend Icarus – a mortal with wings made of wax and feathers- went missing, after the Titans had sent a giant wave of fire over the entire world. He tried to avoid the deadly blast and flew higher and higher. In this battle for survival he forgot the wise words of his father, telling him to stay away from the heat of the sun. His melting wings no longer kept him in the air and he fell down. No Icarus is lying somewhere in the mountains of the Olymp, helpless and alone!

Nyx missing her one and only friend starts her search for him and goes down to the world of mortals. Here in this ruined place she faces dangers never seen before. The burning Sands and the dusty rocks build a dangerous and deadly environment. But not only that! Ancient creatures of the past have made their way out of the Hades. Hordes of Harpies are flying around and beneath the dry sands there are even more dangerous creatures waiting for careless victims.